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Since we were young, we were told a tale of "The 3 Little Pigs" living in their houses but one day they were attacked by the "Big Bad Wolf". The "Big Bad Wolf" blew away house by house until he ran out of breath at the mighty brick house. However, he decided to climb the roof and jumped down the chimney without knowing there was a boiling pot ready for him. He screamed and fled away. What happened to him after that? He might have been stalking the "Red Riding Hood", hiding in her grandmother's bed waiting to eat her for dinner. Yeah, eventually he died trying, but have you ever had doubt that both of the "Big Bad Wolf" could have been the same one?

Ever After was conceived based on the premise that "Faerie Tales were told without names. So anyone might be everyone." The little lost "Red Riding Hood" could be the same girl who got lost in "Wonderland" or maybe Dorothy and Snow White might be the same person since they both were stalked by the "Wicked Queen". Both stories might have been told by different people, at different times. Stories change. Storytellers can add anything to the stories they tell. However, based on this theory, all fairy tales might be connected in some way we can't imagine.

Once upon a time, there was a land of legends and tales. Peace kept the land warm. Every day went by smoothly. Until one day, without any clues, the Red Queen started the war and dyed her land with the blood of townsfolk. Her rage was unprecedented. Defiance meant death. Those who suffered could only cry for mercy that was denied. In despair, the White Queen came forth to confront the Red Queen. However, it did not alleviate the war. In fact, it caused more tear than anyone could ever imagine.

From the deepest sorrow of her heart, the White Queen decided to do the most forbidden action. She decided to open the Pandora's Box. The box contained the power that could fulfill all desires. In the blink of an eye, the Red Queen's Army was wiped out of existence. Peace was restored to the land.

However, what lingered under the apparent tranquility was the shadow that gradually tainted people's hearts. Once the power of Pandora's Box was unleashed, the deepest desire of the White Queen also came true. She desired that everyone wishes should come true. Therefore, the shadow sought the people's deepest darkest desire. Those who could not resist the temptation fell into the pit of darkness and became evil.

Only a few of those who could resist the temptation of the box gathered up and formed a resistance, the Dawnguard. Hiding in the shadow, they struggled to live and survive in the land tainted to the core.

They still stand even in the darkest hours. 

They still wish that someday they could bring the peace back to their beloved homeland.

They still fight although almost all of them know in their hearts that this war is hopeless. The fate is in their hands. Will they succeed or will they fail? Will the world be tainted into the damnation or will they be able to live happily Ever After...?

Players play a role as a characterfrom well-known tales.
At the start of the game, you will be dealt a hidden identity. It will determine who you are, who you fight for and what your hidden agenda is. You cannot reveal it to anyone, but you may tell anyone who you think you might be.

Decide who will be your partner and what mighty artifact you shall have.
Then you get to choose who shall fight along your side to accomplish your agenda as well as what powerful artifact you shall take with you. Pick wisely. It could save your life in your journey. Every character in Ever After may also be a character from another tale. As you journey through Ever After, you may unleash the hidden potential of your partner and change the course of the game.

The Dawnguard is risking their life to cleanse the tainted from the corrupted land ruled by the Eclipse. 
After you choose your partner and mighty artifact, each faction's objective will be dealt randomly. Who knows it might be different or it might be the same one but the flavor of the game will be different every time you play.

You have friends and foes but you don't know who they are.
You will know everyone's partner but you never know who they truly are underneath. He/she might be your friend or your foe. So, pick wisely who you trust. Watch carefully what they do, listen to their rumor or you will regret it later

Evaluate the environment, craft your strategy and win!!
The game will take cause in a limited number of turns. Think wisely about what you will do. Find out who your friends and foes are. Evaluate the situation, execute your strategy and bring victory to your side! Be aware that everyone has their own hidden agenda. It might turn the tide of the game. The faster you know their identity, the faster you can interfere with their plan. Don't let them take the win you deserve.

No Dice.
There is no coincidence that fairy tales are somehow connected. Since that is not by chance, why should we let randomness dictate the gameplay? No dice means you will win the game with your own ability and strategy.